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What you need to know to board at Pinebrook Kennels.

Kennel Visits

We conduct kennel visits Monday through Thursday (no holidays) during our hours by appointment.  Please let us know when works for you and we will do our best to accommodate that day and time. 

Required Vaccines- Subject to change without notice
Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) is currently not required but highly recommended.

Puppies need to be completed with all 
boosters.  If your puppy needs another vaccine four weeks from the last, they are not eligible to board.
Cats must be current on Rabies, FVRCP, and have a test on file showing FeLV/FIV negative.
**We must have an annual negative fecal (with Giardia) on file for both cats and dogs**

Please email vaccination records to or text a photo to 802-752-6521.  You can also ask your vet to email records to us.

Hours of Operation- We run by appointment! Please see our hours below.


**Always look for a confirmation email.  If you did not get one then you are not booked!  When you get a confirmation email, always check it over.  If you did not get an email or it is incorrect, please contact us immediately!**


Monday - Saturday 7am-11am (last appointment 10:45am); 4pm-7pm (last appointment 6:45pm)


Sunday 8am-11am (last appointment 10:45am); 4pm-7pm (last appointment 6:45pm)

7 days a week!  

**Please note that our check-out time is 11am, afternoon pick-ups incur a charge for that day.**

***Closed to the public on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day, New Years Eve night, and New Years Day (We are here with the animals just no drop-offs or pick-ups)*** 


Additional Discounts


Extended Stay Discount

Guests staying 14 days or longer receive 10% off of their entire bill.


Senior Citizen Discount

Seniors (65+) get 5% off of their entire bill.


Military Discount

Members of the military receive a 10% discount off of their entire bill.

Thank you for your service!

What to Bring

***Clearly label all items please***

Do bring:

  • Medications/Supplements

  • Food

  • Toys

  • Treats if your dog has food allergies

  • First-time boarders may wish to bring an old shirt that you have worn with your scent on it.

  • Any important information about your pet like "hates thunderstorms" or "climbs fences" etc.


Do Not Bring

  • Dishes of any kind

  • Toys or any other items that may be of great value as they can get destroyed

  • Beds

  • Blankets


**Our goal is to make your arrival and departure as easy as possible.  If it is more convenient for you to bring nothing but your pet and their records, we can handle that!**


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